CDHM Miniature Tutorials CDHM Miniature Tutorials
1. Making a Miniature Cake by IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer
This tutorial shows how to create a Vanilla or Chocolate cake for your Dolls house using Polymer Clay.      Making a Miniature Cake for your Dollhouse with IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer in english    Fabriquons Un Gateau Miniature en Français   Maak een Miniatuur Cake door IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer in Dutch
2. Making a Miniature Bed by Debra Dinges
This tutorial is a step-by-step instruction into constructing your own miniature dolls house bed.        Making a Miniature Bed by Debra Dinges in english    Maak een Miniatuur Bed in Dutch
3. Making a Miniature Plumber's Helper (Plunger) by Deb Dinges
This quick little step-by-step to make that Plumber's Helper for your own miniature dolls house.
4. Making a Miniature Bonsai Tree by Jax Perrat aka Ceynix Miniature Trees
Making a realistic miniature Bonsai Turner's or English Oak Tree to landscape your miniature dolls house.
5. Making Miniature Leather Shoes From Clay For Your Dolls And/Or Display In Your Dolls House By Susan Cobb
Making leather shoes from polymer clay for 1/12 scale dolls or smaller.
6. Painting Your Fairy Or Doll's Eyes And Face By Eneida Rosa
Painting your polymer clay fairy or doll's face and eyes (in English).
7. Learn To Make A 1/12 Scale Lampshade For Your Dolls House By Pat Carlson
Learn to make a lampshade for your dolls house that also has many other uses.
8. Learn Dolls House Or Roombox 12v Tapewiring By Amanda Phillips
Learn 12-volt tape wiring for your dolls house or roombox.
9. Learn To Make Fantasy Film Fairy Wings By Deb Wood
Ever want to Make Fantasy Film fairy wings for your doll or fantasy sculpture.
10. Learn to Sculpt Hands From Polymer Clay By Tony Rice
Refine your sculpting skills with this polymer clay tutorial on hands for your doll or fantasy sculpture.
11. Learn Doll Wigging By Nicky Cooper
Learn wigging for dolls, fairies or even fantasy creations.
12. Learn To Sculpt Feet From Polymer Clay By Tony Rice
Discover how to sculpt feet from polymer clay for your doll or fairy in 1/12 scale.
13. Learn To Sculpt A Corgi Dog From Polymer Clay By Aleah Klay
Sculpting a miniature Corgi Dog in 1:12 scale for dolls pet.
14. Learn How To Sculpt A Miniature Rose By Aleah Klay
Sculpting a miniature rose for your dollhouse or to include in any sculpture.
15. Learn How To Wig A Male Doll In 1/12 Scale By Nicky Cooper
Learn how to wig a Wizard or other male doll in 1:12 scale.
16. Learn To Sculpt A Dolls Head and Face By Tony Rice
Wanting to learn doll sculpting? Sculpt a dolls head and face step-by-step using polymer clay.
17. Learn To Sculpt A Rainbow Trout Dinner with Kiva Atkinson
Learn to make a rainbow trout dinner for your dolls house or miniature dollhouse setting.
18. Learn To Make That Special Flower Border For Your Dolls House with Tracy Topps
Are you looking for landscaping realism for your dolls house? Learn how to make that garden fence border.
19. Learn To Make A Tri-Mirror with Ribbon By Heidi Ashworth
Need that special accessory for your dollhouse? Learn to make a Tri-Mirror from Polymer Clay.
20. Learn To Sculpt A Platter of Mussels In The Half-Shell For Your Dollhouse Table with By Carol Cook
Looking to make a seafood table setting for your dollhouse or roombox? Mussels in the half shell!
21. IGMA Fellow Era Anderson Pearce Teaches You How To Make Miniature Petunias For Your Dollhouse Or Roombox Setting!
IGMA Fellow Era Anderson Pearce instructs you on making miniature flowers using paper and wire for your dolls house.
23. Hand Sculpting with Julie Campbell In 1:12 Scale
Hand Tutorial With Variations of Female, Male and Elderly Hands Sculpting from Polymer Clay!
24. Tony Rice Shows You How To Use Tools Easily Found To Sculpt In Polymer Clay.
Inexpensive solution to sculpt polymer clay from common household tools!
25. Sculpt Miniature Pumpkins In Polymer Clay With IGMA Artist Sandra Palesch.
Need that special 1/12 scale dollhouse pumpkin for your miniature scene, learn a variety of ways using clay!
26. Learn To Make A Dollhouse Desk Blotter, Ink Well And Feather Quill With Artist Sarah-Jane Waller.
Make A Desk Set That Is Elegant And Stylish With A Victorian Feather Quill For The Realism In Your Dollhouse or Roombox Setting.
27. Making Miniature Peaches With IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer
Make 1:12 scale peaches using polymer clay for your kitchen or table scene in your dollhouse.
28. Making A Miniature 1/12 Scale Doll's Hat With Janine Crocker
Learn to make a 1920's style hat to dress your 1:12 scale miniature doll.
29. Learn How To Dye Feathers And Thread With IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee
Learn how to dye feathers and thread to use for 1:12 or smaller scale feathering and flocking. Learn to make flocking for your dollhouse miniature projects.
30. Learn To Make A Photo Light Box With IGMA Artist Stephanie Brown
Learn how to make your own light box out of acrylic for taking incredible photos of dolls house miniatures.
31. Learn To Needle Felt A Teddy Bear With Artist Sarah-jane Waller
Step-by-step instructions that will teach you to needle felt a teddy bear with over 130+ full color photos on making the bear.
32. Learn To Make Dollhouse Curtains With Artisan Vanessa Parry
Learn step-by-step, how to make drapes and curtains with tiebacks and a pelmet for your dolls house or roombox setting.
33. Learn To Make A Dollhouse Wedding Cake With Artisan Vicki Sharkey
Learn how to make a dollhouse wedding cake with miniature roses with leaves from polymer clay.
34. Making A Miniature Breakfast With IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer
Make a complete 1:12 scale breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and potatoes using polymer clay for your kitchen scene.
35. Learn To Sculpt A 1:12 Conure Parrot With IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee
Sculpt a 1:12 scale Conure Parrot from polymer clay. This is a moderate to advanced class.
36. Learn To Flock and Feather A 1:12 Conure Parrot With IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee
Need to feather and flock your miniature bird? Learn all the techniques here for your 1:12 parrot or bird sculpt. This is a moderate to advanced class.
37. Learn To Sculpt 1:12 Green Apples With Barbara Dezza
Want 1/12 scale green apples for your dolls house kitchen? Here you will learn variations of slicing, coring and quartering for that realistic touch.     Learn to sculpt 1:12 scale apples by Barbara Dezza MiniB in English  Impari A Sculpt Mele Verdi lezione privata in Italiano
38. Learn To Sculpt 1/12 Scale Dollhouse Bread With IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer
Learn to make 1:12 breads, including french and country styles in 20 easy steps.
39. Learn To Weave A 1/12 Scale Dolls House Baby Cradle With German Artisan Ulrike Leibling
Learn to weave a 1/12 scale dolls house baby cradle.
40. Learn To Make A 1/12 Scale Dolls House Dish Rack With Artisan Gosia Suchodolska
Add that dollhouse accessories to your dolls house kitchen using found objects.
41. Learn To Make A 1/12 Scale Dolls House Doll Trunk With Artisan Debbie Dixon-paver
Want to make a travel trunk for your doll or teddy bear? This tutorial will provide you with all the details.
42. Learn To Make A 1/12 Scale Dollhouse Witch Spooky Broom With Artisan Jody Raines
Every witch or wizard needs a broomstick. Here you can learn to make that magical broom for your dollhouse or roombox.
43. Learn To Make A Leg Of Lamb Served On A Platter With IGMA Fellow Linda Cummings
This great guide to sculpting a 1:12 roasted leg of lamb covers all you need to know to make a perfect platter for your dollhouse table.
44. Learn To Make A 1:12 Miniature Doll Dress with Christiane Lourier
Can't find the dress you want for your dollhouse miniature doll? Make a custom dress for your doll.