Learn to sculpt a miniature rose from polymer clay

Learn To Sculpt
A Polymer Clay Rose
by Aleah Klay

Materials Needed
  • Polymer clay
  • 30 gauge wire
    You can find it in the floral or jewelry section in an arts and crafts store.


Cutting wire as the frame for the rose 1. Cut a piece of wire one (1) inch long.
Enlarge picture showing size of wire.
Preparing the polymer clay to place on the wire 2. Take a bit of clay. Roll it into a skinny snake shape the length of the wire.
Enlarge picture showing size of polymer to fit wire.
Combining the clay and wire together 3. Now you need to combine the wire piece and the clay length. Flatten the clay then roll the wire into the clay using your needle tool. The clay will naturally roll up.
Enlarge picture showing how to combine wire and clay.
Rolling the clay 4. You can make the clay as thin as you desire.
Enlarge picture showing rolling the clay.
cutting the excess clay 5. Then cut any excess clay from the wire when you have the thickness you like.
Enlarge picture showing where to cut excess clay.

cutting the excess clay on both ends 6. Cut off excess on both ends.
Enlarge picture showing where to cut excess clay on both ends.

Creating the shape for the rose body 7. Now create an egg shape. This will be the rose bud. Place it on the stem.
Enlarge picture showing how to create the rose shape.
blending the rose to the stem 8. Blend it onto the stem using your needle.
Enlarge picture showing blending.
Creating opeing in rose 9. Take your needle tool and poke a hole in the top of the rose.
Enlarge picture to show hole at the top of the rose.
Defining the petals 10. Using your needle tool create lines in the rose to define the petals.
Enlarge picture showing how to define rose petals.
Creating the rose leaves 11. Create three tiny half moon oval shapes. This will be the leaves.
Enlarge picture showing the leaves.
attaching the rose leaves 12. Place those pieces under the rose bud and around the rose stem.
Enlarge picture showing the leaves attached.
Blending the rose leaves to the stem 13. Blend them onto the stem using your needle.
Enlarge picture on how to attach and blend the leaves.
Continue blending the rose leaves to the stem 14. Using your needle tool bend and shape each leaf.
Enlarge picture showing another angle of blending.
Preparing to bake the polymer clay rose 15. Place the rose on a ceramic plate and bake at 275F (130C) for 15 minutes. Remove, let cool.
Enlarge picture showing final step before baking.

Aleah is a self-taught artist and lives in Salt Lake City, UT. She says that she has been messing around with all kinds of different mediums for as long as she can remember. She loves creating mixed medium three-dimensional pieces. Aleah only creates original works, never using molds, nor has she ever made molds of her original pieces.

Aleah explains, "I guess I have a wild imagination. A Blue Jay will fly past me and I'll imagine a faery on it's back. I'll imagine music while on a walk on lazy days in the Avenues. Of course there is a ghost in the attic of the house next to my apartment, viewable from my kitchen window. Any over-grown yard is a house under attack; and no doubt there are some witches in these old homes. One day I may turn out to be one of them. Some of my other interests include writing, stop motion animation, and independent film. Hopefully some day I'll get some movies made!

--There is a world where smoke is a ghost-like demon, trees run, animals think and feel as we do. Insects and faeries are Allies. Dragons can be as small as a coin or as big as a castle. Mr. Grim reaper is a familiar face. Death is just a portal to another place, and life is as real as a dream. It is my world--"

Aleah is a valued member and Moderater of the CDHM Forums and has a CDHM Gallery that you can visit here.

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