Miniature Plumber's Helper

Making a Miniature Plumber's Helper
by Debra Dinges

Materials Needed:
  • Tiny suction cups
    (Available in the office supply section of most department stores).
    Acrylic Paint
    - Pink
    - White
    - Black
  • Wooden Bamboo Barbecue Skewer)

I made a tiny little toidy-bowl plunger (aka "plumber's helper", "toilet plunger", "that icky thing we sometimes have need of").

miniature plunger 1. Remove the metal ring from your suction cup.
Enlarge Picture of suction cup needed.
tool needed to make hole for miniature plumber's helper 2. Using a pin vise or other sharp device, carefully drill a hole in the top (for the handle).
Enlarge Picture of the pin vise needed.
bamboo skewer needed to make plunger 3. Cut a bamboo skewer to the proper length (about 2"). Sand one end smooth. Leave the sharp pointed end alone because it makes it easier to insert into the suction cup.
Enlarge Picture of bamboo wood skewers needed.
Painting the plunger 4. Mix a small amount of the acrylic paints until you get that lovely, putrid pink that a toilet plunger is usually colored. Paint the clear suction cup, inside and out. Let dry.

Insert the bamboo skewer into the hole you drilled in the suction cup. Enlarge Picture of painting the cup and inserting skewer.
Completed miniature plumber's helper - plunger 5. You're done! Admire your work then hide the thing behind a miniature toilet for future emergencies!
Enlarge Picture of completed miniature plumber's helper.


Debra Dinges has been making miniatures for 19 years (since her husband surprised her with her first dollhouse one magical Christmas). Deb is a valued member of CDHM.

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