Miniature Leather Shoes

Learn To Paint Eyes & Face
on a Miniature Doll or Fairy
by Eneida Rosa

Materials Needed:
  • Model head to work on
  • Eyes
    -- Spotter Brushes: Size 000 and Size 0 (long handled)
  • Stylus Tool: Ball ended tool
  • Acrylic Paints:
    -- Black, Yellow, Silver, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Red
  • Varnish: Glossy or 3d Transparent

  • Acrylics Paints:
    -- White, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown, and Black
  • Genesis� Artist Colors Red
  • Porcelain paint or Pearl X:
    -- Light Green and White
  • Blush/Chalks
  • Flat Dry Paint Brush for Blushing
  • Paint Brushes:
    -- Size 0, Size 00, and Size 000
  • Matte Varnish
  • Mica Powder



Doll painting of eyes and face Close-up of materials needed for tutorial.
Enlarge Picture of supplies needed.

Blushing dolls cheeks. 1. Start by using almost no paint (I use red Genesis� Artist Colors) to blush the cheeks.
Enlarge Picture to see the blushing technique.

Blushing dolls forehead & chin. 2. Using the same paint, blush on the forehead and chin.
Enlarge Picture of additional blushing.

Dry brushing blushing. 3. Smooth and blend all areas with a dry paint brush.
Enlarge Picture of dry brushing.

Color of Paint 4. Next you'll need the sienna coloured paint (again I use Genesis� Artist Colors paint).
Enlarge Picture of paint color.

Create and define the upper eyelids 5. Using the sienna paint create and define the upper eyelids.
Enlarge Picture forming the upper eyelids.
Highlighting the nose & mouth. 6. Put a little bit of Sienna paint color on the nose and under her mouth as well.
Enlarge Picture of highlighted nose & mouth.
Adding additional highlights to mouth. 7. Add a little more to the mouth as needed.
Enlarge Picture showing additional highlights to mouth.
Painting the lips. 8. Next, paint the lips with a fine layer or red paint. Use just a little bit here.
Enlarge Picture showing the painted lips.
Paint for the eyes. 9. Get your blue paint next.
Enlarge Picture of paint color.
Highlighting above the eyes. 10. Now we'll highlight the upper eye lid with blue paint, again I use blue Genesis� Artist Colors, creating an eye shadow effect to match the eye colour. Smooth with a dry paint brush when done.
Enlarge Picture to see highlight above the eyes.
Creating veins in the eyes. 11. Now put some red veins around the white eye balls to (to be more realistic).
Enlarge Picture of veined eyes.
Creating shadows under the eyes. 12. Highlight under the eyes with some sienna to give a shadow effect.
Enlarge Picture of shadowing.
Completed whites of the eyes. 13. You are finished with the whites; she will look this way (see picture)!
Enlarge Picture to see completed whites of the eyes.
Clean up your tools & brushes with acetone and some cotton.

Defining the pupil of the eye. 14. Now you need to plan where your doll will be looking; once decided start making a big round black (acrylic) ball for the pupil.
Enlarge Picture to view painted pupil.
Repeat the other pupil. 15. Repeat on the other eye.
Enlarge Picture of repeated pupil.
Acrylic blue paint. 16. Next, you will need the light blue acrylic paint.
Enlarge Picture of acrylic blue paint.
Making the color of the eye. 17. Make a large round blue ball within the blackened pupil area, making sure that the "black" of the pupil encircles the blue.
Enlarge Picture of color of the pupil.
Repeat making the color of the eye. 18. Repeat on the other eye with the same steps!
Enlarge Picture of both pupils colored blue.
Showing the yellow acrylic paint color. 19. Next, get the acrylic yellow paint.
Enlarge Picture showing yellow acrylic paint.
Adding yellow to the eye. 20. Paint the light side of eye with yellow paint; don't forget to smooth it over with a dry brush.
Enlarge Picture adding yellow to the eye.
Repeat  adding yellow to the other eye. 21. Do the same with other eye.
Enlarge Picture showing yellow added to eyes.
Add silver color to the pupil. 22. Apply some silver acrylic paint to the opposite side of yellow.
Enlarge Picture showing silver paint added.
Add deep blue color to the pupil. 23. Put a little deep blue acrylic paint right above the area where you painted the silver color; then smooth.
Enlarge Picture showing deep blue paint added.
Creating the iris of the eye. 24. Using the black paint, using the small paint brush create a round black ball for iris. Do this on both eyes!
Enlarge Picture showing the defined iris.
Creating the eyebrows. 25. Next create the eyebrow. Using the Genesis or acrylic paint, whichever you like best.
Enlarge Picture of created eyebrows.
Creating the eyelashes. 26. Now we will make the eyelashes with a fine brush. Start in the conner of the eye and work your way to the other side. Only make one fine line at a time, working to a larger line until you get to the middle of the eye, then start making short lashes.
Enlarge Picture showing eyelashes.
Repeating eyelashes. 27. Repeat on the other eye.
Enlarge Picture showing eyelashes.
Create the lens of the eyes. 28. Place a drop of Fimo gloss in the eyes. Then a second drop to create the lens of the eye. Using the the Fimo, gloss lips. Take your time.
Enlarge Picture showing Fimo Gloss.
Face is done. 29. Her eyes and face are done !!!!
Enlarge Picture showing finished face.
Finished face and eyes. 29. Completed "Doty" the Fairy Doll !!!! I hope you like and enjoy !!!
Enlarge Picture of finished painted face and eyes.


Eneida is a professional Artist, specializing in porcelain painting which she teaches weekly classes in. Another talent she has is finding beautiful white porcelain furniture for dolls houses and painting in many styles of traditional porcelain patterns. A new interest she has discovered is working on original, one of a kind (OOAK) dolls house size paintings. Eneida started working with clay a few years ago and found that she could paint the fine details needed in this artform and discovered a new love for OOAK fairies.

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