Learn to sculpt miniature 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature potatoes with Artisan Barbara Dezza

Sculpt Potatoes
1:12 Scale
Barbara Dezza

Materials Needed
  • Polymer Clay: Translucent White
  • Pointed Sculpting Tool
  • Artist Chalk, Terracotta
  • Razor Blade
  • Tile To Work On



Tools and supplies used to sculpt dollhouse miniature potatoes in 1/12 scale Close-up images of materials needed
Enlarge picture of basic supply requirements

Rolling your polymer clay into an oval shape 1. roll a 1/4" piece of translucent white polymer clay into an oval shape.
Enlarge picture showing rolled clay into oval shape
Roughing up the surface of the miniature potato 2. Using your sculpting tool rough-up the clay to make it look irregular on the surface like a real potato. Also poke a few indentations in the surface also.
Enlarge picture showing how to rough up the clay
Scrapping your artist chalk to create powder 3. Next take your artist chalk and scrap off some creating powder.
Enlarge picture showing artist chalk
Dusting the miniature dolls house potatoes in the artist chalks, then baking 4. Lightly start rolling the potato in the dusty powder. Use your fingers to roll the clay so that you can press a little harder in some areas and lighter in others. This will enable you to create shading, Chiaroscuro. You can also use other colors of chalk (brown, ochre, etc.), to get the different colors of potato variety.

Cook the polymer clay in your preferred oven at 130 degrees for 20 minutes.
Enlarge picture showing how to roll in chalk
Completed 1/12 scale dollhouse potatoes 5. Your potatoes are finished. Display as you desire.
Enlarge picture showing finished potatoes


Barbara Dezza is a miniature food artist residing in Italy.

Barbara is a valued member of the CDHM Forums. Visit the Galleries today.

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