October 2008
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Are You A Traffic Cop? By Pat Carlson

You're out running errands, frantically trying to get from one place to to the other quickly without wasting time. You find yourself at a busy intersection -- the traffic light is not working! Confused and befuddled, no one knows what to do or where to go. Ahhhhh, along comes a traffic cop, waving his arms, blowing his whistle, pointing and making sure every one knows which way to go.

Marketing your creations is much like being a traffic cop. It's up to you to give your collectors and customers direction. Without knowing which way to go, they'll just sit at that busy intersection, going nowhere and not finding your work.

There are many ways to provide that direction; here are a few suggestions.

Keep your Website and your Galleries fresh and up to date. No one likes to look at the same old thing! Add new items frequently! And when you do, let your customers know by sending then a friendly email.

Add projects you are working on to your Blog and invite your customers to participate by making comments or suggestions as your creation progresses. This makes them feel a part of your creation and gives them a sense of belonging.

With all the controversy and high fees surrounding auction sites these days, it's tempting to just stay away from them altogether. But, let's face the facts - auction sites get a LOT of traffic. List something once in awhile just to let your existing customers know you are still creating and bring in new customers through the exposure.

Participate in forums. Don't just watch, PARTICIPATE! Your comments in a forum make other members aware of you. Take the opportunity to tell others about your creations -- show pictures -- share ideas! Communicate!

Use your email correspondence to direct people to your creations. Even if you are emailing family or friends, include a link to your Website, your Gallery, your Blog - anything that talks about your creations online - in your signature. You never know who may find you!

Use your imagination and think of all the things you can do to get your customers where they need to be. Wave those arms and blow that whistle -- point to your creations -- be a traffic cop!


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